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90 minutes of thrill under your cap

90 minutes of thrill under your cap
The handing over ceremony of articles won during “33” export promotion captioned: 90 Minutes of thrill under your cap, took place at the Bamenda Commercial centre on the wednesday 14th of August 2019. The ceremony was attended by many invited personalities including Winners, customers, opinion leaders and the media.
In his welcome address, the Chief of the North West commercial service Chi Francis seized the opportunity to thank consumers for their courage and faithfulness. He said the courage demonstrated by consumers during this difficult moment is motivated by the quality of SABC product. The CSCS equally insisted on the fact that SABC Group has nothing to do with any political party. “Efforts made by SABC Group since 71 years is for the development of Cameroon” he added.
Winners and family members expressed their satisfaction for quality articles won and pledged to encourage others to consume SABC products.
The ceremony ended with family photograph and item 11.